Call for Labour Force Growth Ideas

New Brunswick’s labour force is facing considerable downward pressure from an aging population and subsequently a significant number of retirements. 

The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, through its WorkingNB branch, regularly works with community partners to develop, implement and fund initiatives designed specifically to address specific labour force needs.

In an effort to generate ideas that could have a positive impact on labour force growth on a local, regional or provincial scale, WorkingNB is issuing a call for ideas from individuals or organizations across the province. 

Ideas could include but are not limited to:

  • How to increase labour force participation rates?
  • How to bring New Brunswickers home?
  • How to encourage inter-provincial migration to New Brunswick?
  • How to re-engage Older workers to the labour market?
  • How to make the workforce more welcoming to newcomers?
  • How to attract people towards electrician, carpenter, plumber, bricklayer and/or roofer occupations?
  • How engage youth to actively take part in the workforce?
  • How to draw under-represented groups (i.e. Persons with Disabilities, Women, Newcomers, Indigenous people) to the labour market?


Submit electronically to:  
Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour
Attention: WorkingNB
Subject title: Labour Force Growth - Project 2022

Be sure to include:

Organization / Individual Information

  • Name of Individual / Organization Address
  • Address
  • Contact Person and Information (name, telephone number(s), email)
  • Background of Organization

Project Information

  • Project Title
  • Objective of proposal
  • Description of proposed activities that will contribute to growing the labour force in New Brunswick
  • Anticipated outcomes, measures and / or targets
  • Timeframes
  • Resources
  • Proposed budget
    • include funding from other sources, as well as the contribution from the organization and (in cash and in kind) from other partners.